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Skills, style and reliability are the solid base UNITEK ITALIA has worked on for the past 10 years. Innovation from experience. Founded by experienced designers in security, UNITEK ITALIA fast grew in the Italian market by gaining a reputation and market share. Manufacture of security and fire detection accessories is carried out in the factory in Usmate Velate 25 km north east of Milan. The company follows ISO9000 standards and all manufacturing procedures are run under strict controls to grant maximum reliability of the product through its operational life. UNITEK ITALIA catalogue comprises several certified products and all are designed in accordance with European and international standards. A special care is given to evolution of the standards. This let UNITEK ITALIA have their products approved by most important security companies which appreciated the value and quality of the offer.

Accessories for security systems
Committed to total quality, UNITEK ITALIA range of products for security systems include a range of Grade 2 3 and 4 EN-50131 compliant magnetic contacts. Over 100types of contacts and versions are available to virtually suit installation on any frames. A high security series of biased magnetic contacts for outdoor and indoor installation is also available. Outdoor types are IP65 rated. Single and double biased contacts are EN50131 grade 2 and 3 certified and offer total security.

Fire alarm system accessories
All door holders from UNITEK ITALIA are certified in accordance with EN-1155 and therefore can be installed where CPD requirements are needed. Different models with 50 Kgs and 100 Kgs retaining force and release button can be used on standard and fire doors. Another model is provided with a standoff 15 cm
or 30 cm high for wall or floor mounting. Special care is given to superficial treatments granting high efficiency and a strong retaining force. Precision machineries assure perfect smooth and flat surfaces of the magnet and its counterplate giving lifetime efficiency and absolute reliability on release even in harsh environments

Power supplies
ALSCC EN54-4 series have been designed to meet requirements of EN54-4: 2007 standard. Increasing power current and more info on unit status have been added. The linear technology of these power supply units makes them extremely reliable and with a low rate all electromagnetic disturbances. Standards: EN54-4:2007, EN60950-1:2001: 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC. Two models are available with 5 Amps and 2.6 Amps output currents with space for 2 batteries 12VDC 18 Ah.
Switching power supply units for security systems 12 and 24Vdc 5 models with
3 power for maximum flexibility. 13,8Vdc and 27,6Vdc outputs.

UNITEK ITALIA has designed and manufactures their range of : call points, beacons and sounders and liquid detectors.
Call points have two different series: one for installation on rectangular wall gang boxes and a square one. All call points are provided with re-arm key and can have a protective cover against accidental activation. Call points are single or double pole and with or without latching LED. Colours available: red, green, yellow and white. Backbox is also available for addressable systems.

Maglocks and Electromagnets
These items are used in access control systems. A complete range with 80, 150, 300,500, 700 and 1200 Kgs holding force to be used for single or double door exits. 1500 Kgs model is new from UNITEK and new shearlock types are also available. Maglocks can be supplied 12 or 24Vdc and can also have a relay output for door control. Adaptors for glass doors and special counterplates are available on request.


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Fiera Sicurezza 2023

Unitek Italia informa che Gruppo Vimo sarà presente a Fiera Sicurezza 2023, la fiera internazionale sulla sicurezza e sul fire. Vienici a trovare al PAD. 5 STAND L 21.



Chiusura festività ognissanti 2023

Gentili Clienti e Fornitori, con la presente siamo a comunicare che, in occasione della Festa di Ognissanti, Unitek Italia rimarrà chiusa dal 30 Ottobre al 1 Novembre compresi.




Unitek Italia informa che Gruppo Vimo sarà presente a Safety Expo 2023, la fiera nazionale sulla prevenzione incendi e la salute e sicurezza sul lavoro. Convegni, tavole rotonde, approfondimenti, corsi di formazione, spettacoli, prodotti, servizi e tecnologie. Fiera di Bergamo 20-21 Settembre 2023, Area 9  ASSOSICUREZZA Registrazione gratuita SAFETYEXPO.IT